Declaring a major

Tuesday September 6, 2016

I officially declared a double major today! Eating and Speaking with a Concentration in Paella!

School went really well! I walk one way to get there and than another way to get home. I believe that the GPS is really useless half of the time in this city and I’m certain that anyone who has ever been here will agree with me!

Raquel and I have started researching the procedure to obtain a Visa. I have a small problem. I am only allowed to be in Spain (well the entire European Union) for 90 days. This seriously throws a wrench into my plans over here, especially considering that my flight home isn’t until January 3, 2017. I am contemplating fleeing to Morroco for a week and than returning, but something is telling me that this is not a good idea. Besides, if I am able to obtain a work visa than I can start teaching English. Having some funds coming in will definitely help my overall current situation.

The waiter Pedro (he insists on being called Peter) and I went for some tapas tonight to practice our Spanish/English conversation. We stood up while eating our dinner of small portions and both are entirely new experiences for me! I just love everything about Spain! They are going to have to physically evict my from this country!

The Black Pig that only eats acorns

Mi primer dia de escuela

My school “ESIC Business Marketing School’
This is my Raquel, my professor

Monday September 5, 2016

So today was my 1st day of school. I left the house 2 hours before I had to be there and thank God that I did! I originally left this far in advance thinking I’d make a pit stop or two for my “singular cafe con leche” (I had to 86 my use of “espresso”). Well, I got lost. This turned my 45 minute walk to school into an hour and a half long walk to school. Just when I was fully convinced that my GPS had brought me to the opposite side of town than my school was actually located, I looked up and there was my school! At this very moment, I tripped over a cobble stone and fell flat on the ground. I had scrapped my hands, feet, and legs. I’m okay-this could have been SO much worse! No one saw me AND my phone was not broken-both miraculous considering I was carrying my phone in hand and was in a crowded intersection with people everywhere.

My teacher, Raquel, is so nice and school went really well. I have school Monday-Thursday from 2:00-6:00. Gloria made another delicious dinner tonight and as Pablo and I were talking over our homemade gazpacho, he tells me that it was 56 degrees Celcius today! It was 132 degrees today! It’s no wonder that I got lost and tripped and fell and had sweat dripping into my eyes!

My 1st weekend in Sevilla

Sunday September 4, 2016

I arrived late Friday night after a very long flight. Originally I had planned to arrive in Spain on September 16th. Mike and Victor Aram had planned a trip for Sam and I to spend my birthday weekend in Arizona at the Ritz and at a New England Patriots game on Sunday September 11th. My plan was to arrive back in Florida on the 12th and fly to Spain on the 14th. Well things back in Florida were getting pretty complicated and I decided to 86 this plan and change my flight so I would arrive in Spain two weeks earlier than originally scheduled. Hence, my LONG flight that brought me around the world before I arrived in Spain! I landed in Madrid and from there had to take a cab to the train station. Than I had to take the high speed train from Madrid to Seville. Than I had to take another cab to my new home in Spain. I left my apartment in Boca at 9:00 on Thursday morning with Amy as my chaffaur to Miami airport. I arrived here at 10:00 at night on Friday. And, of course, I blame Mike for my bloodshot eyes and dehydrated skin.

The house I am staying in is beautiful. I have the entire third floor to myself. I have my own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and private terrace. The woman that owns the home is named Gloria. She is very nice and a very good cook! Her son Pablo has been showing me around and took me to the phone store to get my new Spanish phone number. This city is BEAUTIFUL! Today I went to the Seville Cathedral (it is the largest Cathedral in the world), and The Arabic Bath House. Both were amazing! I spent 4 hours at the Bath House! Tomorrow I start school and I am really looking forward to it-especially since no one here speaks English! These people do not even understand me when I order an espresso! I thought “espresso” was universal!? Needless to say, the past few days have been a bit challenging!