Chechaouen is a small town set into the Rif Mountains in Northwest Morocco. Founded in 1471, many Moriscos and Jews settled here after the Spanish Recoquista.  In 1920, the Spanish conquered Chechaouen in their effort to form part of the ‘Spanish Morocco’. Subsequently, Spain returned the city after the independence of Morocco in 1956. There are still two Spanish cities in Africa-Ceuta and Melilla. Chefchaouen is easily accessible due to its proximity to the Spanish exclave of Ceuta. This and the fact that everything is blue, make Chechaouen a very popular tourist destination. This region and countryside surrounding it, is known as a bountiful source of Kier and is one of the main producers of cannabis in Morocco.

Morocco, in my opinion, requires a thick skin. My senses definitely took a beating over the course of the weekend. To be honest, it was a bit mentally exhausting. I  was pounced and badgered by a endless amount of beggars reaching out from all directions. It required extra diligence to stay on guard. These beggars take the shape of children, tattooed woman, glossy-eyed men and stray cats. It was intense and required a lot of energy! These people are extremely poor-the average income is equivalent to $100.00 a week. Entonces, I think they were viewing me as a walking cash dispenser.

The outskirts of the Medina in Chechaouen.
The beautiful graffiti of Chechaouen.
MaryCarmen and I at the outskirts of Medina in Chechaouen.
A beautiful fountain on the streets of the old town in Chechaouen.
More beautiful graffiti in Chechaouen.
MaryCarmen and I on a blue street of Chechaouen.
Me on a blue street of Chechaouen.
Chechaouen has many beautiful doors! I have dozens of beautiful pictures of blue doors of Chechaouen.
The narrow blue streets of Chechaouen.
‘Berber’ craftsmanship.
‘Berber’ craftsmanship.
The streets inside Medina of Chechaouen.
Tienda en Chechaouen.
Tienda en Chechaouen.
I cultivate an enormous amount of knowledge throughout my travels. I see and experience things that I previously could not of imagined. It is weekends like this that push me to the boundary of my ability to function within a different culture. I must say that I have satisfied my built-in, deep-rooted curiosity about how life is over there. 

 I am one experience richer after my weekend in Morocco. And, for this alone, I am beyond grateful. It was for sure an escapade that I will never forget.

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