This is the day that I should have stayed in bed…

Well I was supposed to meet Maurice this morning. Maurice is a friend of Raquel. He works at ESIC and is married to a Spanish woman. Maurice is from Kentucky so Raquel thought it would be a good idea for us to meet.

Yesterday, Maurice had asked me if I had a favorite cafe in my neighborhood. Since I roam around aimlessly all of the time, I told this to Maurice. Fast forward to today…Maurice texted me at 11:15 saying “How about cafe Indies?”. I responded “Sure!”. I was THRILLED that Maurice actually picked a place that I knew how to get to! (I walk by this place when I roam home from school). I arrived at ‘Cafe Indies’ 35 minutes later only to find that Maurice was not there. He was at a different ‘Cafe Indies’ and this one was right next to where I lived! Needless to say, we never ended up connecting today.

The wrong Cafe Indies

So I decided that, despite the fact that I was very bummed out about not meeting my fellow American friend, that “I could start my day over at anytime”. This is one of many of my friend Laura’s favorite quotes. So I continued trucking forward.

Since Dr. Wallace is arriving in Sevilla on Friday, I set out towards the ‘Museo de Flamenco’ to score us tickets to a show for Saturday night. Now the real adventure begins…

As I head towards the museum, also in search of food, I decide to enter a cafe. I sit down at the bar and as the waitress approaches me, I mentally prepare for the conversation. Did I mention that I have been living off of ice cream and ham and cheese for 2 weeks now because it is the only things that I know how to order? This very nice waitress promptly leaves and returns with the worst looking ham and cheese sandwich that I have ever seen! Now I have been sucking it up lately and eating food that I do not like, but not now-not today! There was no way that I was going to accept this sorry excuse of a sandwich. I tried to ask her to switch the sandwich bread to a baquette and for it to be heated. Well I gave up, put 5 euro on the counter and left. My search for food continues…

I get the Flamenco tickets and start heading towards school. Yesterday I had asked my teacher if we could start class 30 minutes early and now here I am running late! I had spent the past 2 and a half hours walking around accomplishing nothing and not even knowing where I was at any given point! I was exhausted and my day hadn’t even started yet! I had blisters on my feet and I was still starving! I hd been rejected again by several restaurants, all because of timing and the slight communication barrier! Nothing was going in my favor it seemed. I had even contemplated calling Raquel and asking for the day off. But I quickly thought better of that because I just knew that when I saw her that we would quickly be laughing about all of this! I also promised myself that I would not dare tell her that I was having a “bad day”. This does not constitute a bad day.

After getting further lost through the streets of Seville, I finally spotted a bus station. I immediately ran towards it to flag down a cab. I was relieved! Than while I relaxed and took a moment to breathe, the cab driver drove past my school! As I sit in the back screaming “aqui aqui” he speeds up the taxi and pulls the car over in the middle of traffic and signals for me to “get out”! I was about 8 blocks past my school and already late. This was the way the day was…

I scurried along to school. Than, opposite of what I had anticipated, as soon as I laid eyes on Raquel, I found myself fighting back the tears-for about a second and than I had a full blown meltdown! Crying, hyperventilating, nose running-and poor Raquel! Standing there with her music box in hand, all of her teaching materials, as she tries to make sense of my blabbering! Of course, a mind reader couldn’t of understood what I was saying! But, Raquel managed to make very good sense of what was happening and took me to go get a tea. She could not have been more kind as she sat and said everything that I needed to hear in an effort to make light of the situation. She even said that it was good that I cried. And, tomorrow is a new day….

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